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Forgot iCloud Password? Here’s How to Reset Your Password!

iCloud is a cloud computing system developed by Apple Inc. It was developed solely for their users of their Apple Devices. iCloud works on iOS 5.0 & above OS of Apple devices. It is available for iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. You can easily sign up for an Apple ID from your devices. This will also enable you to make your own personal @icloud.com email address. One can also access iCloud from the website – iCloud.com on their PCs. You will need login details like email address and password. Forgot iCloud password is a hassle. However, you can easily reset that password.

How To Reset Your iCloud Password?

  1. On your browser, go to appleid.com. This can also be done on your mobile’s browser.
  2. On the mid-bottom, click the Forgot Apple ID or Password? link.
  3. The Recover Your Apple ID – Apple tab will generate on its own.
  4. Type in your email address of your Apple ID.forgot icloud password
  5. Next, type in the code you see in the verification image.
  6. Click on Continue.
  7. Select I need to reset my password. Click on Continue then.
  8. There are two ways to reset your iCloud password if you forgot iCloud password.

The above steps are mandatory. I am dividing the further steps into two paragraphs below so that you know that these two ways exist. Just make sure you follow one of the two steps to reset your forgotten iCloud password.

Reset Password if You Forgot iCloud Password Using Email:

  1. Select the option Get an email.
  2. Next, click on Continue on the same page.icloud password reset email
  3. You will be directed to another page. This page will indicate password reset link is sent to that email address.
  4. Check your inbox of that email address. Open the email from Apple.
  5. Click the Reset now > link in that email.reset icloud password link
  6. The Reset Password tab will autogenerate.
  7. Type in a new iCloud password. Retype that same password in the box below.
    • Make sure your password contains 8 or more characters. It must have an upper case and lower case letters and have at least one number.
  8. Finally, click the Reset Password option.
  9. You have a new iCloud password.

Below is another way of resetting your Apple ID’s password. It is by answering security questions you set previously. Hence, make sure you know the correct answers.

Answer Security Questions to Reset if You Forgot iCloud Password:

  1. Tick next to Answer Security Questions and then click on Continue.
  2. Type in your Birthday information and click Continue.forgot icloud password birthday info
  3. You will be given two Security Questions to answer. They will be two random ones from the three Security Questions you set while signing up.forgot icloud password security questions
  4. Click on Continue when you are done.
  5. You will then need to enter a new iCloud password. Retype that same password in the field below.

So if you forgot iCloud password, don’t fret. Instead, you could use those steps written above. For other iCloud related articles, feel free to check them out on our site. Please leave us feedbacks and questions regarding iCloud in the Comments section.