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How To Setup iCloud For MAC ?

iCloud is a cloud computing system to backup your digital data on cloud servers. These backup of digital files is from users’ Apple Devices. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are those Apple Devices which can use iCloud’s functionality. iCloud for Mac and iCloud for Windows are iCloud Control Panel applications for your Desktop. They will basically let you have full control of the digital data on the iCloud server. You can easily edit by uploading, deleting files you want to keep on your iCloud account from them. Then, simply by syncing your iOS devices with a working internet connection, those files will appear. It is a marvelous way of organizing your digital data and is convenient.

How To Setup iCloud for Mac?

  1. First, make sure you have the latest version of OS running on your Mac.
  2. To update, go to the Apple Menu > Software Update and see if there is an available update.
  3. To set up iCloud for Mac, do the following procedures written below.
  4. Open your Apple Menu and select System Preferences on your Mac.
  5. Click on iCloud and then a login window for iCloud will pop up.
  6. Enter your email address and password of your Apple ID.
  7. This Apple ID is created when you switch on the iCloud function on your device.
  8. You should then allow your iCloud to synchronize digital data with all your devices.
  9. Also, allow the function ‘Use Find My Mac‘ in the case of misplaced or stolen Mac.
  10. Next, you will have select which options you wish to edit from the given list.
  11. Below the list, you will see the amount of free space you have on your iCloud account.

icloud on mac

To use the iCloud functionality, you must have the iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch (3rd Gen). On Mac, you must be running theĀ OS X Lion v10.7.5 at least. This iCloud for Mac is an application you can use to sync and edit. The iCloud application for your Windows PC also serves the same purpose. For those who do not want to use these applications, you can easily use the website icloud.com which serves the same purpose. For login procedures on the site, you can refer to ICloud Login of our previous article.