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iTunes Download for Windows & Mac

For most, iTunes is a media player developed by Apple Inc. It is also a mobile device management application developed for Apple devices. iTunes download can be done on Windows and Mac as a software application. It can be used on both platforms. You can play, organize or download digital Media like videos and music. They are media that is streamed on Apple music. You can always store medias you have downloaded from here to iCloud. You can also store and share purchases like Books across the same Apple ID. This can also be shown on iTunes.

System Requirements Before You Download iTunes on Your Windows or Mac PC:

  1. For Windows Users: You need to be running Windows 7 & later. You will need have a minimum of 512 MB ram and 1 GHZ CPU. 200 MB of free disk space is also required. On your PC, you will need 16 bits sound card and speakers (internal or external) hardware.
  2. For Mac Users: Your Mac needs to be running Mac OS X 10.9.5 and later. You will need 400 MB of free space. iTunes requires a Mac OS X 10.10.3. You will require 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo or faster processor with 2 GB Ram to play 1080 HD videos. For 720 p HD, you need to have minimum of 2.0 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo processor on iTunes LP or iTunes Extras.

iTunes Download on PC:

  1. On your web browser, go to Apple.com.
  2. Then, click on the iTunes tab. You will see the available versions of the iTunes application.
  3. Or you can click the iTunes download link we have given here.
  4. Then, select by ticking the version of iTunes you want.
  5. Next, you can type in your email address. This will put you on Apple’s Mailing list. Select the country of residency.
  6. You can skip the above step.
  7. Click the blue Download Now button.
  8. The iTunesSetup.exe file will start downloading.
  9. The amount of time to finish downloading will depend on your internet speed.
  10. Once, it finishes download, click the .exe file on the Downloads Menu to launch its setup.
  11. Click to Install it.
  12. The iTunes application will launch after it finishes installing.download itunes for pc

iTunes Download on Mac:

  1. Go to Apple’s page – www.apple.com.
  2. Then go to iTunes download page.
  3. Select the Mac version. Click the Download iTunes Free button.
  4. Then, after it finishes downloading, double click on the iTunes.dmg file.
  5. This will mount the iTunes installation drive.
  6. Then, double click the iTunes.mpkg file to unpack the iTunes installation package.
  7. When a dialog appears, click on Continue. This will allow the special program to check your Mac.
  8. Click on Continue once it finishes checking your Mac and the Read Me page appears.
  9. Click on Agree and Contine when the License Agreement page appears.
  10. Select the Mac OS X startup drive when they ask you for destination volume.
  11. Click on Install and wait for it to finish installation. You can then close the installation window after that.
  12. Launch the iTunes application by double-clicking on its icon. Or launch it by clicking on its icon on the Dock Menu.itunes download on mac

You can absolutely download iTunes in the mention way above. Just make sure you have the required system before installing it.