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How to Setup, Access & Use your iCloud Calendar

iCloud lets you sync and share files and settings over shared devices. You would need to enable this on your Apple Device first. That is by creating an iCloud account aka Apple ID from your Apple device. For instructions, you can check our How to Sign Up for iCloud article. Then, you can sync files like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, etc with that. The main thing we are going to focus on is the iCloud Calendar. You will first need to setup it up. Then, you can access and edit the calendar events from various platforms.

How to Setup the iCloud Calendar:

  1. You will need to do this on your Apple device.
  2. Launch the Settings app either on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Then, tap on iCloud.
  4. Sign in with your Apple ID by typing in its email and password.
  5. Toggle the Calendar option on.
  6. You will then be syncing your Calendar events to the cloud server.setup icloud calendar

For editing and accessing your calendar events on Apple device is quite basic. You only need to open the calendar and add events like Reminders, Birthdays, etc. These information will then get synced over the internet. You can view them on icloud.com on a browser, Or view from the iCloud app for Windows and Mac PCs.

How to Access or Edit the iCloud Calendar via Browsers on iCloud.com?

  1. This step will not differ no matter if you use Mac or Windows.
  2. Go to www.icloud.com.
  3. Now type in your email address and password of your Apple ID.
  4. Click on the Login arrow key. Or you can hold the Enter key and release.
  5. You will get signed into iCloud.com.
  6. The Calendar icon will appear immediately.
  7. Hence, click on it. Your iCloud Calendar will appear.
  8. To start adding events, search for that particular date and put in the information manually. Remember to Save so that information will be inputted.
  9. To simply access, also go to that particular date. You will be able to view past events you saved.icloud.com files

This is using the available browsers you have to access your iCloud files. Make sure your browser’s security is optimal. This is because your iCloud login details can be stolen.

How to Sync iCloud Calendar Settings on your PC via the iCloud Control Panel?

  1. Make sure the iCloud Control Panel aka iCloud application is installed.
  2. Launch the iCloud Contol Panel aka iCloud application.
  3. Sign in using your Apple ID.
  4. Tick the box next to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks.
  5. This will automatically sync those files to your Default Email client.icloud calendar sync on pc

You can also do the same thing on your Mac. Simply go to your Apple Menu, then launch System Preferences. Click on iCloud to access your settings. Then, tick the box next to Calendars. This is your iCloud Calendar settings you are syncing to your Mac’s default email client. Make sure you do not share your iCloud login details with anyone.icloud calendar sync on mac