What is iCloud Drive ? | iCloud Drive Info

Users using Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch probably uses the cloud storage – iCloud. This cloud storage system lets users upload, sync and edit their media files stored on the cloud server. iCloud Drive happens to be the updated version of iCloud ever since the introduction of iOS 8. iCloud Drive works in the idea of cloud computing and one must create an iCloud account to use it. You can also store your iWork files online and access them anywhere with an internet connection. You can also use its desktop application on various platforms like Mac and Windows.

What is iCloud Drive ?

  • This is a cloud storage system provided by Apple Inc for iOS users.
  • You can create a free account if you use either iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • You can save media files like photos, music, videos, ebooks, etc on iCloud.com.
  • Users can usually get a 15 GB free cloud storage which they can upgrade anytime.
  • The other storage plans are: 50 GB ($0.99), 200 GB ($2.99), or 1 TB ($9.99).
  • You can also edit or delete stored files from any of your synced device.

icloud drive setup

How To Setup and Use iCloud Drive on Various Platforms (iCloud Drive):

  • For iOS Devices like iPhone, IPad & iPod Touch:
    1. Make sure your compatible iOS device is running iOS 8 & above.
    2. You should then launch the Settings app on your dervice.
    3. Tap on iCloud once the Settings page load on your screen.
    4. Tap iCloud Drive and choose to Upgrade iCloud Drive by tapping on its option.
    5. Upgrading the system takes some time, so make sure your battery does not run out.
    6. Toggle On to start using, make sure other synced devices are also compatible.
  • For Desktop users – Mac & Windows:
    1. For Mac users, you must be using OS X Yosemite & above.
    2. Lanuch the Apple Menu and select System Perferences from there.
    3. Then, select iCloud, sign in and choose to Upgrade to iCloud Drive.
    4. You can also setup and use it on PC by also choosing to upgrade to iCloud Drive.
    5. Do so by first signing in to the iCloud app and upgrade it.
  • From the Webpage: 
    1. When you have done setting it up on your devices, go to the website.
    2. Sign in to www.icloud.com with your iCloud login on the webpage.
    3. You should either select Pages, Keynotes or Numbers once logged in.
    4. You will be asked whether you want to upgrade or choose Yes.

Please remember that once you upgrade to iCloud Drive, you cannot roll back to using iCloud. So, please make sure all your synced devices can support the upgraded version of iCloud.

iCloud Email Setup | iCloud Server Settings For Mail Clients

iCloud Email is a service provided by Apple Inc for all iCloud users. You can easily set up an iCloud email account when setting up iCloud accessibility. This email account can be made during or after your iCloud account creation. iCloud Email setup is not really necessary as iCloud mail can be easily accessed on a web browser. Configuring and setting up iCloud mail can let you access your email on various platforms. You would need to manually proceed with this iCloud email setup which the steps are given below.

iCloud Email Setup on Email Clients:

  1. Make sure your iCloud email account is valid and working.
  2. This iCloud email setup can work for Windows, Android, Blackberry, etc.
  3. Either run or launch the mail app; for Windows, you can run Outlook.
  4. Select ‘Add a new account’ by clicking on the option when it appears.
  5. Type in the following IMAP sever name: imap.mail.me.com.
  6. You would then need to Toggle the SSL encryption to On or Yes.
  7. If you get an error when using SSL encryption, you can use TLS instead.
  8. The Port No. you will need to set to is 993 and move on to the next step.
  9. When entering an email address, use your username with @me.com instead.
  10. For instance, if your username is iclouduser76, it will be iclouduser76@me.com.
  11. Then, enter your password which you have to remember is case sensitive.
  12. For STMP server name, enter : smtp.mail.me.com in the field provided.
  13. Again, Toggle the SSL encryption to Yes or On in the next step.
  14. If SSL encryption fails, you can use TLS or STARTTLS instead.
  15. Set the Port No. to 587 and set the Authentication Required to Yes.
  16. Again, using only your username, type in email address with an @me.com.
  17. Enter your iCloud account’s password in this step.
  18. Then, your iCloud email setup is finished with the above server settings.
  19. Please note that you cannot configure to POP settings with iCloud email setup.

icloud email setup

For iCloud email setup on Windows, you need to use Outlook 2010 or later. For Mac setup, you will need to use OS X Lion v10.7.4 or later. You can employ the use of iCloud or iCloud Drive application on Windows to check your iCloud Email. You can also use the website – icloud.com to check your iCloud mail. For instructions on how, you can refer to our ‘How To Check iCloud Email‘. For other information, please stay updated to our sites or refer to our older articles.

How to Check iCloud Email | iCloud Email Account

iCloud Email is the push mail account you get from syncing your Apple Device to iCloud. This will make sure that all your mail to your iCloud email account will get sent to all synced devices. To get started on this iCloud email service, you must have enabled iCloud with an Apple ID. You can enable the same Apple ID among several iOS devices you might have. You can then enable the iCloud Email on your Apple Devices, Mac and Windows PC. It is quite convenient if you have a working internet connection and an iCloud mail id.

How To Check iCloud Email on iCloud.com?

  1. Please remember you can only use the website icloud.com on your desktop.
  2. You should open a new Tab if your web browser is already running.
  3. In the address bar, type in the web address – www.icloud.com.
  4. You should then hold down your Enter key to load the website.
  5. Once, the website loads, you can see the iCloud login option.
  6. Simply enter your email address and password of your iCloud ID / Apple ID.
  7. Click on the Login option which is an arrow or press Enter to sign in.
  8. When you are signed in, you will see your iCloud Control Panel.
  9. The iCloud Email icon ‘Mail‘ will be situated on the left corner of the browser.
  10. To check iCloud Email, click on the Mail icon and your inbox will load.
  11. Within the iCloud Mail inbox, you can check for new emails or sent new email.
  12. Remember you must have a valid @iCloud.com email address to recieve emails.
  13. For help on how to create @icloud.com, please refer to the article – iCloud Mail Setup.

check icloud mail

To check iCloud email on your Apple Devices is quite simple and you do not need to use a browser. Simply setup iCloud and turn it on from your Settings Menu and turn on Mail. To simply check iCloud mail on your devices, connect to the internet. You can either connect to a WiFi or use 3G mobile data whichever is available to you.

How To Check iCloud Email on Mac?

  1. To start checking your iCloud emails on Mac, you can use your browser.
  2. In this article, we will show to how to use the iCloud for Mac application to check mail.
  3. Go to and select your System Preferences from your Apple Menu on Mac.
  4. Click on the iCloud icon when the System Preferences Menu loads.
  5. Continue to login with your iCloud account to access the application on Mac.
  6. To login, you will need to enter your email address and password of your Apple ID.
  7. You will then get logged in and then go ahead and click on the Mail icon.
  8. There you will check icloud email on your Mac via the iCloud desktop application.

These are the ways you can access your iCloud email in various ways. To check your iCloud email on Windows, you will need to setup an Email cilent.

How To Setup iCloud For MAC ?

iCloud is a cloud computing system to backup your digital data on cloud servers. These backup of digital files is from users’ Apple Devices. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are those Apple Devices which can use iCloud’s functionality. iCloud for Mac and iCloud for Windows are iCloud Control Panel applications for your Desktop. They will basically let you have full control of the digital data on the iCloud server. You can easily edit by uploading, deleting files you want to keep on your iCloud account from them. Then, simply by syncing your iOS devices with a working internet connection, those files will appear. It is a marvelous way of organizing your digital data and is convenient.

How To Setup iCloud for Mac?

  1. First, make sure you have the latest version of OS running on your Mac.
  2. To update, go to the Apple Menu > Software Update and see if there is an available update.
  3. To set up iCloud for Mac, do the following procedures written below.
  4. Open your Apple Menu and select System Preferences on your Mac.
  5. Click on iCloud and then a login window for iCloud will pop up.
  6. Enter your email address and password of your Apple ID.
  7. This Apple ID is created when you switch on the iCloud function on your device.
  8. You should then allow your iCloud to synchronize digital data with all your devices.
  9. Also, allow the function ‘Use Find My Mac‘ in the case of misplaced or stolen Mac.
  10. Next, you will have select which options you wish to edit from the given list.
  11. Below the list, you will see the amount of free space you have on your iCloud account.

icloud on mac

To use the iCloud functionality, you must have the iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch (3rd Gen). On Mac, you must be running the OS X Lion v10.7.5 at least. This iCloud for Mac is an application you can use to sync and edit. The iCloud application for your Windows PC also serves the same purpose. For those who do not want to use these applications, you can easily use the website icloud.com which serves the same purpose. For login procedures on the site, you can refer to ICloud Login of our previous article.

Using iCloud for Windows | Download & Install

What is iCloud for Windows?

One cloud storage computing system to sync and backup all your digital data is iCloud. Now, iCloud can be accessed in various forms and applications. The most common way to access it on your browser. For instructions on how to, you can refer to our iCloud Login article. This article will however focus on the iCloud application on your Windows PC. This application is free for all software which you can easily download. iCloud for Windows is much like your iTunes application on your PC. Both applications allow you to modify and edit the contents from your Windows PC. To save the changes in your Apple Device, you can just sync it to iCloud via internet.

How To Download iCloud for Windows:

  1. First make sure, you are running Windows 7 and your Apple Device iOS 5 above.
  2. Making sure you have a working internet connection, run your web browser.
  3. You can either go to Google.com or any other search engine site like Bing.
  4. When the Search Engine website loads, type in iCloud for Windows.
  5. Now the results may vary for each user, so I will provide the link in the sentence below.
  6. Download iCloud for Windows is the official download link for the iCloud software.
  7. You can see a Download button when the page loads in a autogenerated New Tab,
  8. Click on it and it will automatically start download the .exe (executable file).
  9. When the file has finished download, click to run from the download menu.
  10. It might take a considerable amount to finish installing the whole iCloud app.
  11. So run the iCloud for Windows software, sign in with your iCloud account.
  12. Then, you can start using the software to edit files from your iCloud server.

icloud for pc

You can also sync many digital data from your Windows PC to appear on iCloud. This will in turn, appear on your synced Apple device(s). Bookmarks, Calendar and Photos are such digital data you can sync. You can also setup email clients like Outlook to receive or sent Mail from your iCloud account.

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What is iCloud? | Cloud Storage by Apple Inc

Nowadays, a lot of technologies company offer cloud storage to users. A Cloud Storage is a storage for files in the cloud servers provided. Your digital data on the cloud storage will be backed up and stored to these servers. There are many types of cloud storage that accommodates users as they desire. It is a trend that email companies also provide free cloud storage to their users. For example, Google provides a 15 GB free cloud storage to their Gmail users. iCloud is another example of a cloud storage for users of the Apple Devices.

What is iCloud ?

  1. iCloud is a cloud storage space provided by Apple Inc to their users.
  2. Traditionally, iCloud was only available to users of the Apple Devices.
  3. Nowadays, ICloud offers non-Apple devices users a free iCloud account.
  4. This free iCloud account gives only 1 GB of free space which is web-based.
  5. iCloud will help you to backup your digital data from your Apple devices.
  6. Digital data like contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, reminders, email gets backed up.
  7. You can also choose to back music, videos, photos, e-books, etc nowadays.
  8. iCloud provides a free 5 GB cloud storage to all Apple device users with a iCloud account.
  9. There are three cloud storage plans that users need to pay to store more files.
  10. Monthly prices are 50 GB (US $1), 200 GB ($4.99), 500 GB ($9.99), 1 TB ($19.99).
  11. With the upgrade of iOS 8, iCloud has been upgraded to iCloud Drive.
  12. Users however can opt not to upgrade to iCloud Drive if they prefer.
  13. The iCloud Drive plans are 50 GB (US $1), 200 GB ($4.99), 500 GB ($9.99), 1 TB ($19.99).

icloud backup

What are the Features provided by iCloud?

  1. With features like Family Sharing, you can share files among various Apple devices.
  2. If you are a parent, you can also approve or disapprove your children’s purchases.
  3. There is also the iCloud Find My iPhone to locate misplaced or lost iPhones.
  4. With iCloud Keychain, you can store vital information on your iCloud and Mac.
  5. This iCloud Keychain will also automatically enter the information for you.
  6. Your files that you choose to sync will automatically gets backed up on iCloud.
  7. iCloud Photo Library will also store and share photos with various users over iCloud.

By signing up for an iCloud Account, you can get a free eicloudmail account. You can get a 5 GB free storage space for emails, messages, documents and iOS devices backup. To sync and backup files to iCloud, you need a working internet connection. iCloud Setup is real easy and simple to do and it can be done in minutes.