Using iCloud for Windows | Download & Install

What is iCloud for Windows?

One cloud storage computing system to sync and backup all your digital data is iCloud. Now, iCloud can be accessed in various forms and applications. The most common way to access it on your browser. For instructions on how to, you can refer to our iCloud Login article. This article will however focus on the iCloud application on your Windows PC. This application is free for all software which you can easily download. iCloud for Windows is much like your iTunes application on your PC. Both applications allow you to modify and edit the contents from your Windows PC. To save the changes in your Apple Device, you can just sync it to iCloud via internet.

How To Download iCloud for Windows:

  1. First make sure, you are running Windows 7 and your Apple Device iOS 5 above.
  2. Making sure you have a working internet connection, run your web browser.
  3. You can either go to or any other search engine site like Bing.
  4. When the Search Engine website loads, type in iCloud for Windows.
  5. Now the results may vary for each user, so I will provide the link in the sentence below.
  6. Download iCloud for Windows is the official download link for the iCloud software.
  7. You can see a Download button when the page loads in a autogenerated New Tab,
  8. Click on it and it will automatically start download the .exe (executable file).
  9. When the file has finished download, click to run from the download menu.
  10. It might take a considerable amount to finish installing the whole iCloud app.
  11. So run the iCloud for Windows software, sign in with your iCloud account.
  12. Then, you can start using the software to edit files from your iCloud server.

icloud for pc

You can also sync many digital data from your Windows PC to appear on iCloud. This will in turn, appear on your synced Apple device(s). Bookmarks, Calendar and Photos are such digital data you can sync. You can also setup email clients like Outlook to receive or sent Mail from your iCloud account.

Video Tutorial

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