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What is iCloud? | Cloud Storage by Apple Inc

Nowadays, a lot of technologies company offer cloud storage to users. A Cloud Storage is a storage for files in the cloud servers provided. Your digital data on the cloud storage will be backed up and stored to these servers. There are many types of cloud storage that accommodates users as they desire. It is a trend that email companies also provide free cloud storage to their users. For example, Google provides a 15 GB free cloud storage to their Gmail users. iCloud is another example of a cloud storage for users of the Apple Devices.

What is iCloud ?

  1. iCloud is a cloud storage space provided by Apple Inc to their users.
  2. Traditionally, iCloud was only available to users of the Apple Devices.
  3. Nowadays, ICloud offers non-Apple devices users a free iCloud account.
  4. This free iCloud account gives only 1 GB of free space which is web-based.
  5. iCloud will help you to backup your digital data from your Apple devices.
  6. Digital data like contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, reminders, email gets backed up.
  7. You can also choose to back music, videos, photos, e-books, etc nowadays.
  8. iCloud provides a free 5 GB cloud storage to all Apple device users with a iCloud account.
  9. There are three cloud storage plans that users need to pay to store more files.
  10. Monthly prices are 50 GB (US $1), 200 GB ($4.99), 500 GB ($9.99), 1 TB ($19.99).
  11. With the upgrade of iOS 8, iCloud has been upgraded to iCloud Drive.
  12. Users however can opt not to upgrade to iCloud Drive if they prefer.
  13. The iCloud Drive plans are 50 GB (US $1), 200 GB ($4.99), 500 GB ($9.99), 1 TB ($19.99).

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What are the Features provided by iCloud?

  1. With features like Family Sharing, you can share files among various Apple devices.
  2. If you are a parent, you can also approve or disapprove your children’s purchases.
  3. There is also the iCloud Find My iPhone to locate misplaced or lost iPhones.
  4. With iCloud Keychain, you can store vital information on your iCloud and Mac.
  5. This iCloud Keychain will also automatically enter the information for you.
  6. Your files that you choose to sync will automatically gets backed up on iCloud.
  7. iCloud Photo Library will also store and share photos with various users over iCloud.

By signing up for an iCloud Account, you can get a free eicloudmail account. You can get a 5 GB free storage space for emails, messages, documents and iOS devices backup. To sync and backup files to iCloud, you need a working internet connection. iCloud Setup is real easy and simple to do and it can be done in minutes.