iCloud SMTP Server Settings for Email Clients

iCloud is a versatile cloud computing system. It works well also as an application on Windows and Mac. You can also access it from your web browser. You can store media files and other files like contacts, calendars, etc. There also can be synced across devices. It only matters if you have the same Apple ID. iCloud Mail is also provided when you create an iCloud account. This can also be accessed on Email Clients with the correct iCloud SMTP server settings. iCloud mail does not support POP. So make sure your email client application supports IMAP.

How to Set Up iCloud Mail on Your Email Client Applications?

  1. Launch the email client on your desktop.
  2. From there, click on the Add Account option.
  3. Choose to setup manually the iCloud SMTP server settings. Or select Manual setup or additional server types if there are such options. Click on Next to continue.
  4. Then select IMAP or Internet E-mail. POP server does not work for iCloud mail.
  5. Now you will need to enter the following details into their respective fields.
    • IMAP Server Settings for Incoming mail server-
      1. Incoming mail server: imap.mail.me.com.
      2. Use SSL for Encryption method/connection. Try using TSL if SSL creates problem in connection.
      3. Use Port Value: 993.
      4. Then, type in your full iCloud email address and password. Your iCloud email address should look like yourusername@icloud.com.
    • iCloud SMTP Server Settings for Outgoing Mail Server:
      1. Outing mail server: smtp.mail.me.com.
      2. Select Yes for My SMTP Server requires authentication.
      3. Use SSL for encryption method/connection. Try usin TLS or STARTTLS instead if there is an error in connection.
      4. Use Port Value: 587.
      5. Also provide your iCloud email address and its password.icloud smtp server

Now the above is for email clients on your desktop. You can also setup for email clients on your mobile phone. Smartphones running Windows, Android and Blackberry can also receive iCloud mail. Please follow the instructions below. It might vary in different platforms but it has some similar generic steps you can follow.

Set up iCloud SMTP Server Settings on Windows, Android and BlackBerry

  1. Launch your email app on your phone.
  2. Tap to Add a new account.
  3. Type in imap.mail.me.com as the IMAP server name for incoming mail server.
  4. Toggle SSL encryption to On or Yes.
  5. Set the port value to 993.

Hence, you can now start receiving email to the specific platform you want. iCloud SMTP server settings must be correct in order to work. For Windows, you must be using Outlook 2006 & above, iCloud v6 & above and iTunes 12.5 & above. Please leave us your feeback in the Comments section below.

How to Setup, Access & Use your iCloud Calendar

iCloud lets you sync and share files and settings over shared devices. You would need to enable this on your Apple Device first. That is by creating an iCloud account aka Apple ID from your Apple device. For instructions, you can check our How to Sign Up for iCloud article. Then, you can sync files like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, etc with that. The main thing we are going to focus on is the iCloud Calendar. You will first need to setup it up. Then, you can access and edit the calendar events from various platforms.

How to Setup the iCloud Calendar:

  1. You will need to do this on your Apple device.
  2. Launch the Settings app either on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Then, tap on iCloud.
  4. Sign in with your Apple ID by typing in its email and password.
  5. Toggle the Calendar option on.
  6. You will then be syncing your Calendar events to the cloud server.setup icloud calendar

For editing and accessing your calendar events on Apple device is quite basic. You only need to open the calendar and add events like Reminders, Birthdays, etc. These information will then get synced over the internet. You can view them on icloud.com on a browser, Or view from the iCloud app for Windows and Mac PCs.

How to Access or Edit the iCloud Calendar via Browsers on iCloud.com?

  1. This step will not differ no matter if you use Mac or Windows.
  2. Go to www.icloud.com.
  3. Now type in your email address and password of your Apple ID.
  4. Click on the Login arrow key. Or you can hold the Enter key and release.
  5. You will get signed into iCloud.com.
  6. The Calendar icon will appear immediately.
  7. Hence, click on it. Your iCloud Calendar will appear.
  8. To start adding events, search for that particular date and put in the information manually. Remember to Save so that information will be inputted.
  9. To simply access, also go to that particular date. You will be able to view past events you saved.icloud.com files

This is using the available browsers you have to access your iCloud files. Make sure your browser’s security is optimal. This is because your iCloud login details can be stolen.

How to Sync iCloud Calendar Settings on your PC via the iCloud Control Panel?

  1. Make sure the iCloud Control Panel aka iCloud application is installed.
  2. Launch the iCloud Contol Panel aka iCloud application.
  3. Sign in using your Apple ID.
  4. Tick the box next to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks.
  5. This will automatically sync those files to your Default Email client.icloud calendar sync on pc

You can also do the same thing on your Mac. Simply go to your Apple Menu, then launch System Preferences. Click on iCloud to access your settings. Then, tick the box next to Calendars. This is your iCloud Calendar settings you are syncing to your Mac’s default email client. Make sure you do not share your iCloud login details with anyone.icloud calendar sync on mac

Forgot iCloud Password? Here’s How to Reset Your Password!

iCloud is a cloud computing system developed by Apple Inc. It was developed solely for their users of their Apple Devices. iCloud works on iOS 5.0 & above OS of Apple devices. It is available for iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. You can easily sign up for an Apple ID from your devices. This will also enable you to make your own personal @icloud.com email address. One can also access iCloud from the website – iCloud.com on their PCs. You will need login details like email address and password. Forgot iCloud password is a hassle. However, you can easily reset that password.

How To Reset Your iCloud Password?

  1. On your browser, go to appleid.com. This can also be done on your mobile’s browser.
  2. On the mid-bottom, click the Forgot Apple ID or Password? link.
  3. The Recover Your Apple ID – Apple tab will generate on its own.
  4. Type in your email address of your Apple ID.forgot icloud password
  5. Next, type in the code you see in the verification image.
  6. Click on Continue.
  7. Select I need to reset my password. Click on Continue then.
  8. There are two ways to reset your iCloud password if you forgot iCloud password.

The above steps are mandatory. I am dividing the further steps into two paragraphs below so that you know that these two ways exist. Just make sure you follow one of the two steps to reset your forgotten iCloud password.

Reset Password if You Forgot iCloud Password Using Email:

  1. Select the option Get an email.
  2. Next, click on Continue on the same page.icloud password reset email
  3. You will be directed to another page. This page will indicate password reset link is sent to that email address.
  4. Check your inbox of that email address. Open the email from Apple.
  5. Click the Reset now > link in that email.reset icloud password link
  6. The Reset Password tab will autogenerate.
  7. Type in a new iCloud password. Retype that same password in the box below.
    • Make sure your password contains 8 or more characters. It must have an upper case and lower case letters and have at least one number.
  8. Finally, click the Reset Password option.
  9. You have a new iCloud password.

Below is another way of resetting your Apple ID’s password. It is by answering security questions you set previously. Hence, make sure you know the correct answers.

Answer Security Questions to Reset if You Forgot iCloud Password:

  1. Tick next to Answer Security Questions and then click on Continue.
  2. Type in your Birthday information and click Continue.forgot icloud password birthday info
  3. You will be given two Security Questions to answer. They will be two random ones from the three Security Questions you set while signing up.forgot icloud password security questions
  4. Click on Continue when you are done.
  5. You will then need to enter a new iCloud password. Retype that same password in the field below.

So if you forgot iCloud password, don’t fret. Instead, you could use those steps written above. For other iCloud related articles, feel free to check them out on our site. Please leave us feedbacks and questions regarding iCloud in the Comments section.

iTunes Download for Windows & Mac

For most, iTunes is a media player developed by Apple Inc. It is also a mobile device management application developed for Apple devices. iTunes download can be done on Windows and Mac as a software application. It can be used on both platforms. You can play, organize or download digital Media like videos and music. They are media that is streamed on Apple music. You can always store medias you have downloaded from here to iCloud. You can also store and share purchases like Books across the same Apple ID. This can also be shown on iTunes.

System Requirements Before You Download iTunes on Your Windows or Mac PC:

  1. For Windows Users: You need to be running Windows 7 & later. You will need have a minimum of 512 MB ram and 1 GHZ CPU. 200 MB of free disk space is also required. On your PC, you will need 16 bits sound card and speakers (internal or external) hardware.
  2. For Mac Users: Your Mac needs to be running Mac OS X 10.9.5 and later. You will need 400 MB of free space. iTunes requires a Mac OS X 10.10.3. You will require 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo or faster processor with 2 GB Ram to play 1080 HD videos. For 720 p HD, you need to have minimum of 2.0 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo processor on iTunes LP or iTunes Extras.

iTunes Download on PC:

  1. On your web browser, go to Apple.com.
  2. Then, click on the iTunes tab. You will see the available versions of the iTunes application.
  3. Or you can click the iTunes download link we have given here.
  4. Then, select by ticking the version of iTunes you want.
  5. Next, you can type in your email address. This will put you on Apple’s Mailing list. Select the country of residency.
  6. You can skip the above step.
  7. Click the blue Download Now button.
  8. The iTunesSetup.exe file will start downloading.
  9. The amount of time to finish downloading will depend on your internet speed.
  10. Once, it finishes download, click the .exe file on the Downloads Menu to launch its setup.
  11. Click to Install it.
  12. The iTunes application will launch after it finishes installing.download itunes for pc

iTunes Download on Mac:

  1. Go to Apple’s page – www.apple.com.
  2. Then go to iTunes download page.
  3. Select the Mac version. Click the Download iTunes Free button.
  4. Then, after it finishes downloading, double click on the iTunes.dmg file.
  5. This will mount the iTunes installation drive.
  6. Then, double click the iTunes.mpkg file to unpack the iTunes installation package.
  7. When a dialog appears, click on Continue. This will allow the special program to check your Mac.
  8. Click on Continue once it finishes checking your Mac and the Read Me page appears.
  9. Click on Agree and Contine when the License Agreement page appears.
  10. Select the Mac OS X startup drive when they ask you for destination volume.
  11. Click on Install and wait for it to finish installation. You can then close the installation window after that.
  12. Launch the iTunes application by double-clicking on its icon. Or launch it by clicking on its icon on the Dock Menu.itunes download on mac

You can absolutely download iTunes in the mention way above. Just make sure you have the required system before installing it.

How To Buy More iCloud Storage When You Run Out?

Apple’s cloud storage is iCloud. Basically, you get a free 5 GB of free cloud storage if you are an Apple device user. This 5 GB storage space will hold pretty steady. It works best if you store basic files like contacts, mail and calendars. However, if you start storing files like pictures and videos, you can find it is insufficient. This is because Pictures and videos can be shot at high resolutions. You can buy more iCloud storage if you wish to. There are four available iCloud storage plans. The iCloud Storage cost for those plans in different regions are given in the link.

How to Buy More iCloud Storage on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

You can use iCloud for iOS 5 and above. They would be your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.buy icloud storage iphone

  1. If you are using iOS 8.0 or later, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage. For iOS 5 to iOS 8, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.
  2. There, you can tap on Change Storage Plan.
  3. Below Choose Upgrade, you will see the Available iCloud Storage Plans.
  4. Tap on the Plan you want.
  5. Then, tap the blue Buy option on the top right corner of that window.
  6. You might be asked for your password. Type that in and tap on OK.
  7. Click Continue when the Payment Information Required window prompts you.
  8. In the Credit Card portion, choose your Credit Card type. After that, type in your Card Number and Security Code.
  9. In the Expiration Date section, give your Expiration Month and Year of the cloud storage.
  10. You should then give your Title, First Name, Last Name, Address, Country Code and Postal Code.
  11. Last, you can give your phone number.
  12. Tap on Done to buy more iCloud storage.

How to Buy More iCloud Storage Plans on PC:

  1. Launch the iCloud application on your PC.
  2. Type in your email address and password of your Apple ID. Click on Sign in.
  3. Click on Storage when you get logged in.
  4. Click on Buy More Storage next.
  5. Choose a Storage Plan and click on Buy.
  6. Log into your Apple ID once more.
  7. Provide your Billing information like Credit Card details.
  8. Then, click on Buy.buy more icloud storage pc

You can also upgrade your plans from your Mac PC and laptops.

How to Buy More iCloud Storage on Mac:

  1. Click on Apple Menu, go to System Preferences. After that, click on iCloud.
  2. In the lower-right corner, click on Manage.
  3. It is either Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan. Click on it to proceed.
  4. Select a storage Plan you want.
  5. Click on Next and you will need to type in your Apple ID’s password.
  6. Give your Billing Information if it is not stored in iCloud.
  7. Click Buy and you will upgrade your iCloud Storage.buy more icloud storage

iCloud Storage Cost for Upgrading iCloud Storage

iCloud is the cloud storage provided by Apple. It provides a 5 GB free storage to all Apple users. Recently, Apple offered free Apple IDs for non-users of the iOS devices. They can sign up for it at beta.icloud.com. They will be able to make use of Pages, Numbers and Keynotes on iCloud for free. However, if you are avid fan of Apple devices, then you probably signed for iCloud account. You will realise that the cloud storage system is actually a plus. You can sync and upload a lot of files on iCloud. iCloud Storage cost varies for different regions.

You can pay monthly or annually for the plans. There are a total of four iCloud storage plans available. They are 50GB, 200GB, 1TB, or 2TB. Below we will list the iCloud storage plans for each plans in different regions.

iCloud Storage Cost in North America, South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean:

  1. United States (US$):
    • 50GB – $0.99 monthly
    • 200GB – $2.99 monthly
    • 1TB – $9.99 monthly
    • 2TB – $19.99 monthly
  2. Canada (Can$):
    • 50 GB – Can$1.29 per month
    • 200 GB – Can$3.99 per month
    • 1 TB – Can$12.99 per month
    • 2 TB – Can$25.99 per month
  3. Mexico (Mex$):
    • 50 GB – Mex$17 per month
    • 200 GB – Mex$49 per month
    • 1 TB – Mex$179 per month
    • 2 TB – Mex$349 per monthicloud storage cost

iCloud Storage Cost in UK, Europe, Africa:

  1. UK (£):
    • 50GB – £0.79 per month
    • 200GB – £2.49 per month
    • 1TB – £6.99 per month
    • 2TB – £13.99 per month
  2. Euro2, 4 (€):
    • 50GB – 0.99 € monthly
    • 200GB – 2.99 € monthly
    • 1TB – 9.99 € monthly
    • 2TB – 19.99 € monthly
  3. Albania (US$):
    • 50GB – $1.19 monthly
    • 200GB – $3.59 monthly
    • 1TB – $11.99 monthly
    • 2TB – $23.99 monthly
  4. Croatia (US$):
    • 50GB – $1.24monthly
    • 200GB – $3.74 monthly
    • 1TB – $12.49 monthly
    • 2TB – $24.99 monthly
  5. Denmark (DKK):
    • 50GB – 7 kr per month
    • 200GB – 25 kr per month
    • 1TB – 69 kr per month
    • 2TB -139 kr
  6. Iceland (USD):
    • 50GB – $1.23 per month
    • 200GB – $3.71 per month
    • 1TB – $12.39 per month
    • 2TB – $24.79 per month
  7. Norway (NOK):
    • 50GB – 10 kr per month
    • 200GB – 29 kr per month
    • 1TB – 99 kr per month
    • 2TB – 199 kr per month
  8. Russia (RUB):
    • 50GB – 59 p. per month
    • 200GB – 149 p. per month
    • 1TB – 599 p. per month
    • 2TB – 1490 p. per month
  9. Switzerland (CHF):
    • 50GB – CHF 1 monthly
    • 200GB – CHF 3 monthly
    • 1TB – CHF 10 monthly
    • 2TB – CHF 20 monthly
  10. Turkey (TRY):
    • 50GB – 2.99 TL monthly
    • 200GB – 7.99 TL monthly
    • 1TB – 29.99 TL monthly
    • 2TB – 59.99 TL monthly
  11. Nigeria (NGN):
    • 50GB – ₦300 monthly
    • 200GB – ₦900 monthly
    • 1TB – ₦2900 monthly
    • 2TB – ₦5900 monthly
  12. South Africa (ZAR):
    • 50GB – R14.99 monthly
    • 200GB – R44.99 monthly
    • 1TB – R149.99 monthly
    • 2TB – R299.99 monthly
  13. Tanzania (TZS):
    • 50GB – 1900 TSh monthly
    • 200GB – 5900 TSh monthly
    • 1TB – 19900 TSh monthly
    • 2TB – 39900 TSh monthly

iCloud Storage Cost in Middle-East:

  1. Egypt (EGP):
    • 50GB – £18.99 monthly
    • 200GB – £54.99 monthly
    • 1TB – £189.99 monthly
    • 2TB – £379.99 monthly
  2. Israel (ILS):
    • 50GB – ₪3.90 monthly
    • 200GB – ₪11.90 monthly
    • 1TB – ₪39.90 monthly
    • 2TB – ₪79.90 monthly
  3. Pakistan (PKR):
    • 50GB – Rs. 100 monthly
    • 200GB – Rs. 300 monthly
    • 1TB – Rs. 1000 monthly
    • 2TB – Rs. 2000 monthly
  4. Saudi Arabia (SAR):
    • 50GB – 3.69﷼ monthly
    • 200GB – 10.99﷼ monthly
    • 1TB – 36.99﷼ monthly
    • 2TB – 73.99﷼ monthly
  5. United Arab Emirates (AED):
    • 50GB – AED 3.69 monthly
    • 200GB – AED 10.99 monthly
    • 1TB – AED 36.99 monthly
    • 2TB – AED 73.99 monthly
  6. Qatar (QAR):
    • 50GB – 3.69﷼ monthly
    • 200GB – 10.99﷼ monthly
    • 1TB – 36.99﷼ monthly
    • 2TB – 73.99 ﷼ monthly

iCloud Storage Plans in Asia Pacific:

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How to Setup & Use iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is Apple’s password management. You can store passwords, account names and credit card numbers and other information with that. Those information will get stored to the iCloud.com server. You can use it for devices with iOS 7 & above and Mac with OS X Mavericks & above. Just like iCloud features, you can get it synced on all devices with the same account.  When used with Safari, it will also help to create strong passwords for new accounts. You can use this feature for free on all your iOS device and Mac. It can also be accessed through the iCloud.com webpage.

How To Setup (Enable) iCloud Keychain on iPhone or iPad:

Make sure you have an iCloud account already set up on your phone. You can refer to our iCloud Sign Up article for help. Once, that is ready, read on the steps below.

  1. Launch the Setting Apps on your device. This is most likely on your Home screen.
  2. Tap on the iCloud icon to open its Menu.
  3. Scroll a bit to the bottom and tap on Keychain when you see it.
  4. Toggle the iCloud Keychain switch On. The blue colour is the On indication.
  5. Tap on Use iCloud Security Code. You will be prompted to set a new iCloud Security Code.
  6. This code will be different from your phone’s passcode if you have one.
  7. Then, you will be asked to type in your Apple ID’s password. This is to allow your device to use this feature.icloud keychain setup on iphone

You can now save username and passwords of the websites you use. You can also save your Credit card details. This feature will also let you autofill on forms with information you store about yourself. It can also be setup for Mac Computers and laptops having OS X Maverick & above.

How To Setup iCloud Keychain on Mac?

  1. Open the Apple Menu.
  2. Go to System Preferences and then click on iCloud.
  3. Select Keychain and switch it On.
  4. Set a passcode to it. You will need to enter the Passcode every time your Mac sleeps.
  5. You will then need to type in your Apple ID and Passcode.icloud keychain on mac

You can also now be able to access the username and passwords, credit cards details and autofill settings across the synced devices. New information from the Mac will also get stored and synced to the iCloud server.

To Access the Keychain from the iCloud.com Server:

  1. Go to www.icloud.com from your web browser.
  2. The iCloud login option will be on your homepage.
  3. Type in your email address and password.
  4. Hit the Enter key.
  5. You will get logged in if your iCloud login details are correct.
  6. Click on Keychain when you get logged in.

You will be able to access all your stored information from all your synced devices. Hence, do not give away your iCloud login details to anyone. Sensitive information like credit card details can get leaked. Please leave us a feedback in the Comments section below.

iCloud Storage Plans & Pricing

Apple provides cloud storage which is known as iCloud and now iCloud drive. iCloud Drive is the upgraded version although not everyone needs to have it. Now for every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, Apple offers 15 GB free iCloud storage. This 15 GB cloud storage is good for saving your contacts, calendar, messages. However in retrospect, 15 GB is not enough for storing all your files like images and videos. You would have to manage your storage so that you do not run out of space on iCloud. You can always upgrade your iCloud storage plans if you feel like 15 GB cloud storage space is not enough. Those plans are however with a price and you will be charged to your credit card for their monthly fee.

What Are the Available iCloud Storage Plans:

  1. They offer 50 GB, 200 GB and 1 TB which are all paid iCloud storage.icloud storage cost
  2. The 50 GB iCloud storage cost is $0.99 per month.
  3. The 200 GB iCloud storage plan will cost $2.99 per month.
  4. The 1 TB cloud storage will cost $9.99 per month.
  5. Previously, there were four paid iCloud storage plans.
  6. However, the 500 GB cloud storage plan was shelved because it was not popular.
  7. The above given iCloud storage pricings are of the US.
  8. If you do not belong in the US, you can see the link here for local prices.
  9. If your country is not listed in the 26 countries, you will be charged in U.S. dollars.
  10. Countries that lie in the Eurozone will be charged in Euros.
  11. If you are in Iceland, your upgraded iCloud storage plans will be slightly higher.
  12. This is because of the Value Added Tax (VAT) law that exists.
  13. You can also use iTunes Store Credit to pay for your charges.
  14. So make sure, you have enough credit if not you will be charged,
  15. All charges will be made to your Credit cards or Debit cards.
  16. You cannot however use your Apple Gift card to pay for your charges,

As a paid iCloud storage plans user, you can also choose to pay annually. You can use your iCloud account on your Apple devices, Mac or Windows to easily upgrade. Make sure you provide the correct credit card or debit card details when upgrading.